The pain that has not stopped for 30 years in Germany: Solingen disaster

Kamil Genç, 59, who lost his two daughters, two sisters and niece in the house set on fire by 4 racist attackers, said in a statement in front of the burning house that his pain was as fresh as the first day.

Genç, who worked as a taxi driver at that time, said, “We still remember what happened that night as if it were yesterday, we see it in our dreams all the time. Since we are constantly interested in this commemoration anniversary, those days are revived and everything comes to our minds.”

Young, who stated that he noticed the fire when his wife woke him up while he was sleeping because he was going to work early the next day, said, “We lost my two daughters Hülya and Saime, my two sisters Gürsün and Hatice, and my niece Gülistan. That night, I can’t forget the voices, cries and shouts of my deceased brothers. God forbid anyone else, their shouts that night are still in front of our eyes.” used the phrase.

They got out of prison early.

Stating that the perpetrators of the incident were released from prison early with the youth laws and the good behavior discount given, Kamil Genç said, “They were sentenced to 10 years due to the youth law, the old one received 15 years. One of them was reduced to 7 years due to good behavior, as far as I know the other one. They left after 10 years. Of course, it happens to us victims,” ​​he said.

Drawing attention to the increasing racist attacks especially in Western countries recently, Genç said that such racist attacks cannot be prevented as long as the extreme rightists are involved in politics and the parliament, and that they can best stand in unity and solidarity against these attacks.

Young said, “This incident happened to us, God forbid it happens to anyone. Now, the more unity and solidarity we are in, the better. The more crowded we see here, the more happy we are that our nation is behind us.”

Kamil Genç, who lost his mother Mevlüde Genç, on whose name Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) Prime Ministry prints a medal every year to reward successful associations, on October 30, 2022, said: “We petitioned the municipality for my mother’s name to be given to a school here. “We made a suggestion that it should be given to the streets or to schools. The Municipality of Solingen welcomed this proposal and replied that this could be done in the future. The exact time for this is not yet certain,” he said.

Solingen disaster

On May 29, 1993, in the city of Solingen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, the house of Genç family on Untere Werner Street was set on fire. Gürsün İnce (28), Hatice Genç (19), Gülistan Öztürk (12), Hülya (9) and Saime Genç were attacked. (5) had died.

Caught perpetrators Markus Gartmann, Felix Köhnen, Christian Reher and Christian Buchholz were released after serving their prison sentences. The attackers, whose identities are kept secret, continue their lives in Germany.

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