The possibility of the government falling on the agenda in France

In France, the Macron government’s step to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 caused chaos in the country.

Thousands of people have demanded that the law be withdrawn in the demonstrations that have continued since Thursday.

In the country where the streets are on fire, eyes will be on the National Assembly with the new week. The opposition parties’ question of confidence about the government will be discussed in the parliament.

In parliamentary arithmetic, there is a possibility that the government that does not have a quorum will fall.

68 percent of the French who participated in the survey conducted at the weekend expressed the opinion that the no-confidence question should be accepted.

It is stated that the vote of no confidence by the opposition parties could be the beginning of a deep political crisis in the country.

The increase in anger towards President Macron, the withdrawal of those who supported him for his second term, and the fact that far-right parties are seen as the solution address indicate that the political picture in the country may change.

Political observers see the coming to power of a far-right government in France instead of Macron’s government in the near future as the beginning of a dangerous process for both the country and Europe.

While all these possibilities are being discussed, unions reacting to the pension reform are preparing to expand their struggle.

In this context, the unions called for a nationwide general strike on Thursday, March 23.

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