The visibility of the US Navy on the Korean Peninsula will increase

In the declaration signed in the capital, Washington, between US President Joe Biden and South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, “The alliance between our two nations is built on shared sacrifice, strengthened by lasting security cooperation, and for both countries to achieve important, strategic results peacefully. nurtured by our close kinship, which enabled him to use his diplomatic resources.” statements were included.

In the text of the declaration, it was stated that the relations between the two countries, which started as a security partnership, have evolved over time into “a truly global alliance that defends democratic principles, enriches economic cooperation and drives technological advances”.

In the joint text of the two countries, it was emphasized that South Korea has full confidence in the expanded deterrence commitments of the United States and recognizes the importance, necessity and benefit of relying on its nuclear deterrence permanently.

It has been announced that a Nuclear Advisory Group (NCG) will be established between the two countries to act together against North Korea’s nuclear activities, so that information will be shared with the United States periodically on strategic issues and an inter-agency desktop simulation will be created to plan unexpected nuclear possibilities.

The visibility of the US navy on the Korean Peninsula will increase

In the joint declaration of the two countries, new steps to be taken against North Korea’s threats against South Korea were also mentioned.

In the text of the declaration, the following statements regarding the US wing were included:

“President Biden reaffirmed that the United States’ commitment to South Korea and its people is enduring and firm, and that any nuclear attack by North Korea against South Korea will be responded to with a swift, overwhelming and decisive response. It will further increase the regular visibility of strategic assets on the Korean Peninsula and expand and deepen coordination between our armies, such as the ballistic missile submarine’s visit to South Korea.”

With the joint declaration, Biden and Yoon sent a firm message to the international community that they will stand together and maintain close consultations against any threat to the joint security of the United States and South Korea.

In parallel, it was noted that both presidents remained committed to seeking dialogue and diplomacy “without preconditions” with North Korea as a way to advance the common goal of complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

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