“The war in Ukraine will end only with the re-election of Trump”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban made statements about US President Joe Biden’s policies and the war in Ukraine in an interview with Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson.

“If you were in charge of NATO, if you were Joe Biden, what would be your first move regarding the war in Ukraine?” Answering the question, Orban said, “Peace. Immediately! I would call back (Former US President) Trump. This is the only way out. You can criticize him for many reasons, I understand, but the best foreign policy in the last few decades was during his reign. He did not start any new wars. North Korea has been nice to countries like Russia and China. He pursued a very good foreign policy. He has been criticized for not being well-educated to understand the world, but I don’t think that’s the case.

“Trump is the man who can save the Western world and all of humanity”

“If he had been the US president at the beginning of the Russian invasion, it would not have been possible for the Russians to do such a thing,” Orban said. Trump is the person who can save the Western world and all of humanity. This is my personal opinion,” he said. Stating that the claims that Ukraine can defeat Russia are also “lies”, Orban said that Russia is by far stronger and outnumbered by Ukraine.

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