The woman who ran a knitting shop in Greece turned out to be a Russian agent

In the news of the Greek State Agency ERT, it was announced that the female spy, the owner of the shop where knitting and handicraft materials were sold in the Pangrati district of Athens, used the name “Maria Tsalla”.

It was recorded that the real name of the Russian national woman, whom the Greek Intelligence Organization (EYP) determined was working on behalf of a foreign country’s intelligence agency, was “Irina AS”.

It was stated that the female spy both owned a shop selling knitting and handcrafted materials and introduced herself as a photographer, and that the baby who died in 1991 lived in Greece with her identity information.

It was stated in the news that the first suspicions about the Russian spy started when it was understood that there was an inconsistency in the population registration documents, and it was stated that it was determined that some pages in the registry were torn and replaced by others.

It was recorded that the woman living in the capital with a fake Greek identity was in the category of special spies known as “illegals”, and that the spies in this category were working on behalf of their intelligence units in different countries with the identities of other people or children who lost their lives.

It is believed that the Russian female spy left Greece in January at the call of Russia, after other members of the “illegals” group were caught and went to this country.

Up to 10 years of espionage training

Speaking to ERT, security expert Alexandros Niklan stated that spies in the “illegals” category receive 5 to 10 years of training and reach their goals in a long-term period, sometimes 25 years.

Two people arrested in Slovenia for spying

Two people were detained in Slovenia in January on the grounds that they were spying on behalf of Russia.

In the statement of the Slovenian Intelligence and Security Agency (SOVA), it was stated that 2 foreign nationals were caught spying for Russia, and the suspects introduced themselves as South American business people.

In the news in the local media, it was reported that the Ljubljana District Prosecutor’s Office launched an espionage investigation against 2 people in December 2022, and that the investigation continued regarding the suspects for “espionage for the foreign intelligence agency” and “forgery of documents”.

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