The world talks about the Turkish defense industry: A new player in the Asian market

Turkey’s share in the world market is growing.

The progress in the Turkish defense industry is frequently the subject of the world press.

This time, the Hong Kong-based ‘South China Post’ newspaper wrote about Turkey’s increasing role in arming Asian countries.

In the article, it was stated that Turkey, a NATO member, offers high-tech defense industry products to Asian buyers without preconditions. It was reminded that the Turkish defense industry is also in demand in the Middle East and Ukraine.

The competition of Turkish products in NATO standards with South Korea in Asia has now been evaluated.

Türkiye has already received large orders from the Asia-Pacific region

While Turkish products were described as attractive options, Kaan, Altay and Anadolu ship were mentioned.

It was also emphasized that Turkish products offer Asian buyers an alternative to Chinese or Russian weapons, which may pose a risk of exposure to Western sanctions.

It is stated that Turkey has a cost advantage compared to South Korea and has already received large orders from the Asia-Pacific region.

It was also written that Turkey’s openness to joint ventures and technology transfer may attract Asian buyers.

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