Those moments when Croatian troops destroyed the Mostar Bridge 30 years ago

In the recording shared for the first time by the Mostar Soldiers Union (JOB) and the Mostar Peace and Multi-Ethnic Cooperation Center, the images of the Mostar Bridge, which was destroyed during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, taken from the side where the Croatian Defense Council (HVO) troops were deployed, were shown to the public.

In the written statement, it was stated that the Croatian troops recorded the moment of the collapse of the bridge. “The image shows how the Croatian troops targeted the most sensitive points of the bridge.” statements were included.

Safet Orucevic, Director of the Mostar Center for Peace and Multi-Ethnic Cooperation, said that they found the records by chance and said, “Those who can easily use the words conflict and war should watch the video and see what Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mostar are going through.” said.

Meanwhile, in the video taken by Croatian soldiers stationed on the Hum hill near Mostar, the soldiers’ congratulatory speeches and insults to Bosnians are heard after the targeted shootings on the Mostar Bridge.

Historic Mostar Bridge, rebuilt

One of the most important Ottoman works in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar Bridge was built in 1566 by Architect Hayreddin.

The Mostar Bridge, which could not withstand the intense artillery fire launched by the artillery units of the HVO on 8 November 1993, was destroyed at 10:16 a day later.

While the destruction of this bridge, which has connected different cultures and civilizations for centuries, was one of the events that attracted the most reaction of the world public opinion in the war in Bosnia, many countries did not remain silent.

Mostar Bridge, which was rebuilt in accordance with its original form with the support of some countries and international organizations, including Turkey, was opened with a magnificent ceremony in 2004.

The Mostar Bridge, with the old city of Mostar stretching on both sides, was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2005.​ ​​

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