Threat letter sent to DITIB Göttingen Mosque in Germany

“Kill all Islam. It won’t take long anymore. The Germans will show you,” the letter, which was mailed on May 18 and signed “NSU 2.0” with the swastika symbol, reads. statements were included.

Mehmet İbrahimbaş, President of DİTİB Göttingen Mosque Association, stated that the incident was shared with the police and a criminal complaint was filed.

Noting that a swastika was drawn on the exterior of the mosque on September 22, 2022, and a similar threatening letter was sent by mail on November 8, 2022, İbrahimbaş said, “As our mosque community and Muslims living in Göttingen, we are uneasy. We invited you to be prudent. As the board of directors, we will provide all the opportunities for our congregation to come to our mosque in safety and pray comfortably.” used the phrases.

Strongly condemning the incident, İbrahimbaş said, “Turkey’s Hannover Consul General Gül Özge Kaya and Göttingen Mayor Petra Broistedt conveyed their best wishes to us and stated that they are with us with all their support.” shared his knowledge.

The attacks continue

On May 20, an attack was carried out on the mosque in Bad Bentheim, near the city of Osnabrück in Germany, by sympathizers of the separatist terrorist organization PKK.

It was stated that sympathizers of the terrorist organization PKK wrote the names of the organization and its ringleader on the walls of the Bad Bentheim Mosque affiliated to DITIB.

35 mosques threatened or attacked in 2022

According to the “2022 Mosque Attacks Report” published by DITIB, it was announced that 35 mosques in the country were threatened or attacked in various ways last year.

In the report prepared by the DITIB Anti-Discrimination Bureau, it was noted that 20 of the 35 attacks were carried out in the form of sending insulting, swearing and threatening texts to mosques via mail or e-mail, writing on the walls of 7 mosques, physical damage to 6 mosques and arson in 2 mosques.

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