Tiktok closed the account of Momika, who attacked the Qur’an in Sweden, to make money

In a statement to Swedish state radio SR, Tiktok officials confirmed that the monetization feature of Momika’s account has been disabled.

Making a statement to the country’s official news agency TT, Momika said that the videos of attacking the Qur’an, broadcast live on Tiktok, reached over a million viewers. Noting that she earned between $100 and $300 from Tiktok in 1 hour during the live broadcast, Momika stated that she has no other income and that Tiktok has turned off this income-generating feature.

Penalty for knife attack on Momika

Aftonbladet newspaper also wrote that Momika was convicted in 2021 for threatening an Eritrean asylum seeker with a knife while she was staying at the asylum seeker’s home. In the news, it was stated that Momika was sentenced to 80 hours of unpaid work in public for a knife threat and was ordered to pay a thousand dollars compensation to the asylum seeker in question.

Demand for prison sentence for those who burn the Qur’an in Sweden

Leif GW Persson, one of Sweden’s famous retired detectives, made a statement on TV4 and suggested that those who burn the Quran by misusing the freedom of expression should be sentenced to prison.

“Freedom of speech is not something that a few idiots freely use to threaten Sweden’s interests and the lives of individual citizens,” Persson said. “Those who commit this irresponsibility should be imprisoned,” he said.

Provocations against the Holy Quran in Sweden

While attacks against the Qur’an have been intensifying recently in Sweden and Denmark, allowing these provocations is met with backlash.

Danish far-right politician and leader of the Solid Direction Party, Rasmus Paludan, continued his provocations of burning the Holy Quran in Sweden’s Malmö, Norköpin, Jönköping cities and the capital Stockholm during the Easter holidays in 2022.

Paludan burned the Quran in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm on January 21 and the Embassy of Turkey in Copenhagen on January 27.

Salwan Momika, who is of Iraqi origin, burned the Quran under the protection of the police in front of the Stockholm Mosque on 28 June, which coincided with the first day of Eid al-Adha.

Momika trampled the Qur’an and the Iraqi flag under police protection in front of the Iraqi Embassy in Stockholm on July 20 and in front of the Swedish Parliament on July 31.

Increasing her attacks, Momika continued to burn the Holy Quran in various parts of Stockholm under the protection of the police on 25, 26, 27 and 29 August.

Bahrami Marjan, who is of Iranian origin, burned the Quran on the Angbybadet beach of Stockholm on 3 August under the protection of the police.

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