TRNC President Tatar: Cyprus has its own realities

Evaluating the latest developments in the Presidential Office, Tatar stated that he would never compromise on the sovereignty of the TRNC, which is preparing to celebrate its 40th anniversary, and emphasized that the whole world should accept the TRNC reality.

Noting that there is a problem in Cyprus and that there is a need for reconciliation, Tatar stated that the way of reconciliation and cooperation passes through two sovereign equal states, and that one side of the solution of the problem is the TRNC, the state of the Turkish Cypriots.

Noting that the calls made by some of the international community, especially the United Nations (UN), are far from the truth, Tatar said:

There are no natural mechanisms that will unite us with the Greeks and keep us alive in a state because Cyprus has its own realities. For 60 years, everyone has determined their position. I do not know Greek, he does not know Turkish. I don’t know him, he doesn’t know me. The business world is different on both sides. In that respect, we can’t get anywhere with the discourse of a bi-communal federation.

Tatar emphasized that it is meaningless to insist on the bi-communal federation model in line with the decision taken by the UN Security Council in 1964.In this room where I gave you an interview, the process of the Turkish Federated State of Cyprus started about 60 years ago. After 60 years, you rewind the tape and say, ‘We’re going to unite you, take you back to the 1960s.’ It is not possible for such an understanding to be successful.‘ he said.

“If there is an agreement, it will bring great benefits to both parties”

Tatar stated that the newly elected leader of the Greek Cypriot Administration (GCA) Nikos Christodoulidis defended the idea of ​​a “United Cyprus” due to the support of the church and the far-right Greek National Popular Front (ELAM), and after Christodulidis was elected, he took the international community into account. He said that he has drawn a profile that adopts the communal federation model, but there has been no change in his attitude.

Stressing that the TRNC has always been in favor of reconciliation in international negotiations, Tatar said:

It will be beneficial for both sides if Southern Cyprus agrees with us on a sovereign equal two-state basis. With the support of Turkey, whether it is the exploration of hydrocarbon and natural gas riches in the seas, cooperation in renewable energy sources, or connecting Europe to the interconnected system with an electric cable over Turkey, which is only 40 miles away, and maintaining the energy policy there, these can always happen and both suggestions that will benefit both parties.

Explaining that in case of cooperation and reconciliation, it will be possible to share the water coming from Turkey to the TRNC with Southern Cyprus, Tatar said, “In a time of drought and global warming, water from Turkey is a blessing. If there is an agreement, Southern Cyprus, Turkey’s ports, airspace, more tourists to flow here from Turkey and all this will bring great benefits to both sides as it will create a win-win situation.” he said.

President Tatar added that in the absence of an agreement, the TRNC is already on its way and continues its efforts for Turkey’s friends, Islamic countries and members of the Turkish States Organization (TDT) to be recognized.

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