TRNC Prime Minister: Relations between TRNC and Türkiye are vital, not financial

At the ceremony held at the Rauf Raif Denktaş Culture and Congress Center in Famagusta, the 2023 Financial and Economic Cooperation Protocol between Turkey and the TRNC was signed by Vice President Fuat Oktay on behalf of Turkey and Prime Minister Ünal Üstel on behalf of the TRNC.

Speaking after the signing ceremony, Üstel stated that today’s past, future, pain and joy will go down in history as the day when the children of a nation once again show the world that the law of brotherhood and heartfelt agreements are valid under all conditions.

“We will carry our bond in our hearts forever”

Stating that Turkey supports the TRNC at every point and always stands by the Turkish Cypriot people, Üstel said:

“This protocol that we signed with Turkey, which includes 26 new schools, 3 hospitals, 1 health center, 1 national disaster and earthquake center, and many projects related to energy, transportation, agriculture, working life, public finance, industry and technology, is a historical protocol. There are projects to strengthen the civil defense and fire brigades. We will carry it in our hearts forever.”

Stating that the names of TRNC students who lost their lives in the earthquake in Turkey will be given to some of the 26 schools included in the protocol and planned to be built this year, Üstel said that the 9.5 billion lira financial resource they will reach with the support of Turkey will ensure economic stability in their country, strengthen the financial structure and announced that it will be used in the implementation of projects of vital importance to the public.

A 500-bed hospital will be built in Nicosia

In his speech, Üstel gave details about the items in the protocol and stated that the tender processes for the 500-bed hospital, which was envisaged to be built in the capital Nicosia in the 2023 Financial and Economic Cooperation Protocol, were also completed and the construction started.

Üstel also noted that the projects for the completion of the ongoing hospitals in the cities of Güzelyurt and Girne and the construction of a new health center in Pamuklu have been put into the protocol.

Resources were allocated for the zoning plan studies to be carried out in the TRNC

Stating that there are various articles in the protocol, which includes the financial and economic cooperation between Turkey and the TRNC, to make the TRNC cities resistant to earthquakes and disasters, Üstel pointed out that the first of these is the establishment of the TRNC National Disaster and Earthquake Center and the transfer of resources to the development plan studies to be carried out throughout the country.

Stating that the financial resources allocated for the strengthening of the civil defense and firefighting teams of the TRNC against a possible earthquake or disaster are included in the protocol, Üstünel said: “The Republic of Turkey is a great and powerful state. The Turkish Cypriot people are happy and honored to be the brothers of such a great and powerful state. The power of Turkey gives us strength. The fact that Turkey is with us gives us confidence.” he said.

“We are building the relations between TRNC and Turkey on the basis of mutual love, respect and bonds of love”

Üstel said that the smart intersection project was designed to be installed at important crossing points in the city and rural areas to ease the traffic across the country and took its place in the protocol.

Pointing out that the relations between the TRNC and Turkey have always been based on brotherhood, Prime Minister Üstel stated that with the signed protocol, his country will continue to walk confidently into the future by strengthening its bond of love with Turkey.

Ustel said:

“The relations between the TRNC and Turkey are vital, not financial. Those who see these relations only as financial will make a big mistake. That’s why we build the relations between the TRNC and Turkey on the basis of mutual love, respect and bonds of love. Our country stands on its own feet just like other states in the world. If we want to make Turkey a developed state that lives freely and in security, we must create all the necessary conditions for a sustainable economy without breaking the rational mind and without populism. We must pave the way for our business people, industrialists, entrepreneurs and investors. That’s the essence.”

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