Trump calls Chinese leader Xi “smart” and the US Chief of Staff “stupid”

Interesting dialogue took place in Trump’s interview with Fox News.

Stating that the current President Joe Biden administration managed the withdrawal process from Afghanistan very poorly and the administration blamed him for this, Trump said, “It had nothing to do with me. I was going to go out too, but I was going to come out strong and dignified.”

Trump said that if he were in office, they would have withdrawn much faster, leaving equipment and US citizens behind.

The former US President said, “We left hostages behind, a lot of Americans were left behind. That’s more than you think. 13 of our soldiers died there. There were some very badly wounded. There were soldiers whose arms and legs were severed, and their faces were smashed. That’s how this man got out. From there, he was dignified and strong. We were going out,” he said.

Stating that he wanted all the equipment there to be brought when withdrawing from the generals, Trump continued as follows:

“I told them I wanted every nail, every tent. ‘Tents are pretty hard to pull out.’ they told me. I said I wanted the tents, the tanks, the planes, everything brought in. A few, like Milley, even struggled with me about it. ‘Sir, it’s cheaper to leave the equipment behind.’ He said, ‘We have a $100 million plane. He’s standing there, all he needs is fuel. Put in jet fuel and bring all the equipment to Pakistan, other places or the country. Now you’re telling me it’s cheaper to leave the $100 million plane there? ?’ I said. That’s how we were dealing with idiots. They left behind 85 billion dollars of equipment. They left the US citizens behind, they took out the military first. The soldier comes last.”

‘Smart’ and ‘Not living life’ comment for Chinese leader

Commenting on relations with China and Chinese President Xi, Trump also drew an interesting portrait for Xi.

Trump said, “Shi is pretty smart. Travel all over Hollywood and you won’t find anyone to play the role of President Xi. There is no one like him.”

Reminding that he has good relations with Xi, Trump said that everything is quite serious with the Chinese leader and there is no room for games and fun.

Explaining that he wanted to take him to a game on Broadway, but the Chinese leader did not accept, Trump said, “Everything worked. he said.

Implying that the US exploded the Nord Stream pipeline

Asked who was behind the detonation of the Nord Stream pipeline, Trump said, “I don’t want to put my country in trouble. That’s why I can’t answer. I can’t say who it was, but I can say who it wasn’t. It wasn’t Russia. What do they say, ‘Russia blew up its own pipeline.’ they say,” he replied.

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