UK ‘strikingly’ unprepared for intensifying impacts of climate change

According to the Adaptation Progress Report for the UK of the Climate Change Committee (CCC), the British government’s independent climate advisory body, the effects of climate change are being felt severely across the country.

Last year, the first time the air temperature hit 40 degrees was considered the most obvious sign of climate change, while the heat wave caused deaths, forest fires and infrastructure problems. Heat-related deaths hit an all-time high last year.

It was found that the UK government is strikingly unprepared to adapt to the growing impacts of climate change and if it does not increase resilience with adaptation measures, the country will become more vulnerable due to intensifying climate impacts.

The UK is expected to update the program this summer

The critical sectors that the country needs to increase adaptation and climate resilience are identified as food security, water supply, energy, health, nature, telecom, transportation, cities, buildings, business and climate finance.

According to the CCC’s report, the UK’s current National Adaptation Program does not support the implementation of inadequate and necessary policies against the country’s challenges due to climate change.

While the UK is expected to update the program this summer, the policies to be determined under this program are considered as the “last chance” to increase adaptation to climate change and not to spend the next 5 years.

Unpreparedness for climate resilience

Baroness Brown, Chair of the CCC Adaptation Committee, commented on the report, noting that the government’s unpreparedness for climate resilience contrasted sharply with recent inspections of people in the country:

“As climate change makes its impact felt, people, nature and infrastructure face its devastating consequences. These impacts will intensify in the coming years. The last 10 years have been lost in adaptation and preparation for the risks of climate change as we know it. Each month without action, these effects become more devastating. “We have created a clear roadmap for the government to increase climate resilience and they should take action on it.”

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