Ukraine: Our troops counterattacked in parts of Bahmut

According to the statement made on the social media account of the Ukrainian Land Forces Command, Sirskiy visited several sides of the front line yesterday and presented the state medal to the successful soldiers.

Sirskiy made evaluations about the situation at the front here.

Pointing out that the Ukrainian army repulsed many attacks of the Russians in the last few days in the direction of the port, Sirskiy said, “The enemy’s attempts to seize our positions were unsuccessful. The enemy suffered losses, we captured 10 enemy soldiers.” said.

Stating that intense clashes continue in the direction of Bahmut, Sirskiy claimed that the Russians tried to break through the defense of the Ukrainian soldiers in various directions, but were unsuccessful.

Noting that the Russian soldiers made maximum efforts to advance, Sirskiy said, “Despite the significant losses, new Wagner assault groups, fighters from other private companies are constantly entering the war. However, the enemy is unable to take control of the city.” used the phrases.

Saying that the situation in the direction of Bahmut is quite complicated, Sirskiy said, “At the same time, our troops attacked the enemy in some parts of the city, and the enemy left some of their positions.” said.

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