UN: A radical change of direction is needed in the field of women’s rights

Speaking at the session titled “Women, Peace and Security” at the UN Security Council (UNSC), Bahous stated that a historic step was taken in the field of gender equality with Resolution 1325, adopted 20 years ago, but there are still important deficiencies in the field of women’s rights.

“Essentially, the 20th anniversary of this decision should be seen as a wake-up call rather than a celebration,” Bahous said.

Pointing out that the “status of women” is under siege, Bahous pointed out that the problems that arise with technological developments such as social media affect women to a significant extent.

Noting that 90 percent of the 8 million Ukrainians displaced after the first year of the war in Ukraine are women and children, Bahous said, “The only solution in Ukraine is a peace that includes women.”

“Radical change is needed”

“We need a radical change of direction in the field of women’s rights,” Bahous said.

Pointing out that concrete steps should be taken instead of holding meetings one after another in the field of women’s rights, Bahous noted that it is important to transfer the necessary resources, especially to women’s organizations.

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