UN: Ban on female personnel in Afghanistan hinders humanitarian aid work

UN Deputy Secretary General Spokesperson Farhan Haq answered questions about the work ban imposed on female personnel in Afghanistan at the daily press conference.

Pointing out that the humanitarian aid needs of the Afghan people are enormous, Haq said, “We are facing a challenge. While trying to meet these needs, our activities are hampered by these obstacles. Our attitude towards the need to allow all personnel, male and female, to work in Afghanistan has not changed. ” he said.

Haq stated that they continue to constantly review their attitudes and policies towards Afghanistan, and that they are seeking to find appropriate working methods.

Noting that female and male personnel continue to work from home, apart from critical duties, Haq stated that humanitarian aid activities are carried out in the country.

Haq, on the other hand, stated that the UN will continue to avoid steps that would endanger the lives of its personnel.

Doha initiative

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said at the meeting on Afghanistan in Doha that the UN would not remain silent in the face of systematic violations against women and girls in Afghanistan.

Guterres stated that despite the Taliban’s restrictions on female personnel, the UN would remain in Afghanistan to deliver aid to millions of desperate Afghans.

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