UN Permanent Representative Önal spoke at the Ukraine special session of the General Assembly

Ambassador Sedat Önal spoke at the Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly on Ukraine, which was held as the Russia-Ukraine War is completing its first year.

Noting that Turkey has shown a principled attitude from the first day, rejecting the war in Ukraine and stating that it is unacceptable, Önal also stated that Turkey played a facilitating role in diplomatic initiatives in Antalya and Istanbul.

Önal said that Turkey has strongly demonstrated its stance on this issue by co-presenting the resolutions taken at the UN General Assembly or by voting affirmatively.

“We strongly support Ukraine’s territorial integrity”

Pointing out that Turkey’s stance is a natural extension of its opposition to the illegal annexation of Crimea, Önal noted that the country’s position has not changed in a year since the war.

Önal stressed, “We strongly support Ukraine’s territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty. While maintaining our stance against the war, we also reject the annexation of Ukrainian lands.”

“Black Sea Grain Initiative showed that concrete results can be achieved through diplomacy”

Stating that the principles in the UN Charter should be respected, Önal stated that the effects of the war were felt strongly in the global context beyond Ukraine.

Pointing out that the material and human costs of the war are gradually increasing, Önal stated that the negative effects are also seen in the areas of increasing energy prices, cost of living, supply chains and food security.

Ambassador Önal continued his words as follows:

“The fate of the crisis cannot be determined by the dynamics on the battlefield. A clear vision needs to be put forth as soon as possible to end the war through diplomacy. We need to strive to build a realistic, sustainable and viable peace. The Black Sea Grain Initiative has shown that concrete results can be achieved through diplomacy. As we enter its second year, Turkey will continue to support all efforts in this direction.

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