UN: Racism in law enforcement in the US is linked to a history of slavery

Experts appointed under the International Independent Expert Mechanism to Advance Racial Justice and Equality in the Context of Law Enforcement Agencies appointed by the United Nations (UN) held meetings in the USA from April 24 to May 5 in Washington, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis and New York. held a press conference on the findings after the talks.

Dr. Tracie Keese, in her interviews, said that she saw there are deep-rooted problems regarding racial equality and that they should be tackled.

Stating that racial inequality affects the daily life of people of African descent in the USA, Keese noted that sensitivity and acceptance of the situation in this area should be encouraged.

“It’s time for the United States to confront its history of slavery”

Keese said: “Racial inequality in the United States goes back to the founding of this country. It is not easy to resolve this quickly. All parts of the state need to act together. Comprehensive reform and leadership is needed to go beyond slogans and calls to fight at all levels. Slavery and legal The legacy of discrimination continues to affect the daily lives of people of African descent today.” used the phrase.

Drawing attention to the fact that the communication of the people in question with the law enforcement agencies is subject to racial discrimination in all areas, Keese stated that systematic racism creates a harmful link between black people and crime.

“The time has come to confront the US history of slavery and its current impact on the race,” Keese said, noting that officials should speak out against it. he said.

Noting that the idea of ​​”white supremacy” in law enforcement also affects the police force, Keese said that the black community in the country struggles with a feeling of “burnout” in general.

“We hear about law enforcement using force against children”

prof. Dr. Juan Mendez, on the other hand, stated that they welcome the decrees signed to combat racism in law enforcement.

Calling on the federal government and Congress to “show leadership and provide the necessary federal funds”, Mendez underlined the need to set national standards for the use of force.

Mendez noted that the excessive force used by the forces should be investigated at the federal level, adding, “The entire government must act together to ensure accountability for major violations. Accountability must apply to both past, present and future violations.” he said.

Mendez stated that, according to the information they obtained, there were allegations that the police officers who had previously been found guilty were recruited by another branch in the USA, and that there should be a database across the country and that the situation in question was worrying.

Mendez stated that “racial profiling” is also practiced, and that it is very wrong to determine “who is dangerous” in this framework, adding: “Racial profiling should be prohibited by law. Applications within this framework should be investigated and criminals should be punished.” said.

Mendez, who noted that there are local standards regarding the use of force, explained that these do not meet international standards.

“We have had reports of increased police presence in schools. We hear of law enforcement in schools using force against children,” Mendez said. used the phrases.

Mendez, who stated that they saw the practice of “solitary confinement” in prisons on the other hand, said, “It is estimated that 80 thousand detainees are sentenced to solitary confinement every day in the USA. This figure is alarming.” said.

The International Independent Expert Mechanism to Advance Racial Justice and Equality in the Context of Law Enforcement, established by the Human Rights Council, is expected to present to the Council its completed report on the subject in September or October.

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