UN sends letter to Russia with concrete proposals for grain deal

United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres spoke to reporters at the UN building in New York.

Noting that the Black Sea Grain Initiative has made significant contributions to food markets and food security, Guterres pointed out that the renewal of the initiative is especially important for developing countries.

Noting that they also considered Russia’s complaints and demands regarding the initiative, Guterres said, “I sent a letter to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and presented concrete proposals for the renewal of the Black Sea Grain Initiative.” he said.

“The new deal should be stable”

“The new deal needs to be stable. We don’t want an initiative that drifts from crisis to crisis and is permanently suspended. We support an initiative that works and is useful.” Guterres emphasized that the proposals aim to ensure that Russian food and fertilizers reach global markets more effectively and at affordable prices.

Guterres underlined that a positive result can be achieved by making great efforts, and that this is important for ensuring food security in communities.

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