Unborn twin removed from brain of one-year-old baby in China

The baby’s brain surgery was performed by doctors at Fudan University in Shanghai.

Although this is not the first time this case has been encountered in the medical literature, doctors say it is an extremely rare condition.

It was reported that the baby’s skull was larger than expected and he was brought to the hospital due to problems with his motor skills.

motor skills; It enables movements such as crawling, standing, walking, running, swinging, turning, rolling, jumping and balancing.

Examining the baby’s skull with various imaging methods, researchers found that his brain was compressed and fluid accumulation occurred.

Further investigation revealed that the baby actually had a twin sibling in the womb, but the second baby had not developed sufficiently and was trapped inside the sibling’s skull.

In 1982, scientists at the London Hospital found a 14-centimeter fetus in the brain of a 6-week-old baby who was brought in with a complaint of skull enlargement.

It was observed that the baby recovered rapidly after the operation.

In yet another case from 2015 in China, doctors found an unborn fetus in the scrotal sac of his male twin.

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