UNSC calls for immediate cessation of conflicts in Sudan

According to a written statement from the UNSC, the member states expressed their deep concern about the clashes between the army and the NGO in Sudan and expressed their sadness at the loss of life and injuries, including civilians.

Inviting the parties to urgently stop the conflicts and restore calm, UNSC members called on all actors to return to dialogue to resolve the current crisis in Sudan.

UNSC member states also emphasized the importance of delivering humanitarian aid to the country and ensuring the security of UN personnel, reaffirming their commitment to Sudan’s unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

Armed clashes broke out between the army and the paramilitary force HDK on the morning of April 15 in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, and in various cities. The “verbal skirmish” between the army and the HDK in the last few months had turned into a hot conflict.

It was reported that 56 civilians were killed and 595 people, including soldiers, were injured in the clashes in the country.

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