Updated gun sales policy in the US to other countries

The US President Joe Biden administration has updated the US Conventional Arms Transfer Policy, which has been renewed by every administration since 1977.

In the circular sent from the White House to the institutions regarding the policy update, several new conditions were added to the internal affairs of gun-buying countries such as human rights, rule of law, democratic governance and accountability, as well as US interests and international threats.

In the circular, it was noted that in the decisions on arms transfer, the risk of using these weapons in any human rights violation, the political stability of this country, the existence of an effective civilian authority over the security forces, the government’s commitment to the rule of law and the commitment to transparency in defense procurement will be taken into account. .

Furthermore, it should be noted whether the weapons sold “would adversely affect human rights, fundamental freedoms or civil society activities within the recipient country”, lead to “corruption, instability, authoritarianism or transnational oppression” and in any way undermine “democratic governance or the rule of law”. was also stated to be evaluated.

The previous Conventional Arms Transfer Policy was enacted in 2018 under former US President Donald Trump.

Trump’s arms sales policy prioritized US military and commercial interests.

Trump has been criticized for not restricting arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which has caused many civilian casualties in operations in Yemen.

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