US Ambassador to Tokyo ate seafood in Fukushima, where wastewater was discharged

According to the news of The Washington Post, Ambassador Emanuel, who stated that he would come to the region to consume seafood to show his support for Japan’s evacuation decision on August 24, was seen consuming seafood in Fukushima.

In a statement after his visit, Emanuel stated that he has no reservations about the reliability of the activities there, and described China’s decision to impose an import ban on all Japanese seafood products as “political” due to the start of the evacuation.

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio and some other ministers also consumed seafood for lunch yesterday to address the growing public concerns over the start of the discharge of radioactive wastewater.

Japan began dumping radioactive wastewater into the ocean on August 24

It was reported that the radioactive waste water from the Fukushima In-Dai Nuclear Power Plant, which was damaged in the tsunami that occurred after the 2011 earthquake in Japan, started to be discharged into the ocean on August 24.

A total of 31 thousand 200 tons of radioactive waste water is planned to be discharged until March 2024.

The plan has caused the reaction of fishermen and environmental protection activists living in the region, as well as neighboring countries, especially China.

The International Atomic Energy Agency, in its report published on July 4, following its investigations at the plant, concluded that Japan’s wastewater discharge plan was in line with safety standards and that the damage it could cause to humans and the environment was “negligible”.

The tsunami caused by the 9-magnitude earthquake that occurred in March 2011 damaged 3 of the 4 nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant, and the area around the power plant was declared an “evacuation zone” due to the radioactive fallout.

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