US considers attack on Kremlin orchestrated by Ukraine

It is still debated who carried out the failed drone attack on the Kremlin on 3 May.

Speaking to the New York Times, American officials claimed that the US intelligence did not know clearly who carried out the attack, but that it was evaluated as one of the covert operations of a unit affiliated with the Ukrainian army or intelligence in Russia.

It was alleged that the USA also blamed Ukraine for the sabotage against Nord Stream.

The officials, who stated that the American intelligence agencies initially thought that the drone attack was carried out by Russia with the aim of misleading, later claimed that this opinion changed when the Russian officials were surprised by the attack and blamed Ukraine among themselves during the wiretaps against the Moscow administration.

Stating that the Ukrainian troops have the ability to carry out attacks within and outside Russia to a limited extent by their own personnel or those they employ from outside, the officials said that the US intelligence, Daria Dugina, daughter of Russian political expert Aleksandr Dugin, and Russian blogger Maksim Fomin, known for his anti-Ukrainian videos in Donbas. He claimed that he blamed Ukraine for the killing of .

While the authorities claimed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was not aware of this event beforehand, they claimed that Zelenskiy kept the parameters of his secret operations wide and left the decision of these operations largely to the security forces.

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