US denies accusations against former Russian consulate employee

The US State Department issued a written statement on the matter.

The statement said that Shonov’s “so-called confession” and the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB)’s statements that two diplomats from the US Embassy in Moscow should be called for interrogation regarding the accusations were seen.

“The allegations are completely unfounded”

“The allegations against Shonov are completely unfounded.” In the statement that included the statement, it was underlined that Shonov was recruited in accordance with Russia’s laws and rules.

In the statement, it was emphasized that Russia’s targeting of former US Consulate General employee Shonov within the framework of the “secret cooperation” law shows the country’s increasing repressive practices against its own citizens.

“We strongly protest against the threat and harassment of our employees by the Russian security service along with the state-controlled media.” The statement said that Russia should treat diplomats with respect, in accordance with the Vienna Convention.

Russian news agency TASS announced that Shonov was accused of “collectively collaborating with a foreign state”.

Shonov allegedly shared information about “Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine” with two diplomats at the US Embassy in Moscow.

The FSB arrested Shonov in May.

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