US: North Korea will pay the price if it supplies arms to Russia

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan evaluated the recently increasing contacts between North Korea and Russia at a press conference.

Regarding Pyongyang’s supply of weapons to Moscow to use in the war in Ukraine, Sullivan said:

“I can tell you this, targeting granaries and the heating infrastructure of big cities as we enter winter, supplying Russia with weapons to use on the battlefield to seize another country’s sovereignty areas will have a negative impact on North Korea and they will pay the price in the international community.”

“We warned North Korea”

Stating that they “warned” North Korea that it should not supply arms to Russia, Sullivan stated that they will continue to evaluate opportunities to deter the Pyongyang administration from taking steps to sell weapons.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will visit Russia this month and will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to “provide more weapons for Moscow in the war in Ukraine, and in different areas,” The New York Times reported, citing US officials. It was suggested that they would meet “to discuss the possibilities of military cooperation”.

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