US reaction to Iran’s ballistic missile test

Answering questions at the daily press conference, Miller said that they were aware of Iran’s test of a medium-range ballistic missile and said, “Iran’s development and deployment of ballistic missiles poses a serious threat to regional and international security.” used the phrases.

Stating that they continue to use various precautionary tools, including sanctions, to prevent the further progress of Iran’s ballistic missile program and to prevent the spread of missiles and related technology to other countries, Miller said:

“Despite the restrictions on Iran’s missile program activities under United Nations Security Council resolution 2231, Iran continues to acquire various missile technologies from foreign suppliers and conduct ballistic missile tests in defiance of the resolution’s provisions. As we have said before, nuclear weapons An Iran that owns nuclear power is likely to be even more provocative, which is why we are so determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.”

Iran introduced its medium-range ballistic missile called Khyber (Hürremshahr-4) in a program held in the capital Tehran with the participation of high-level military officials.

State television also featured footage of the missile being launched and then hitting a target.

The liquid-fueled ballistic missile Khyber, which has a range of 2 thousand kilometers from land to land, can carry 1500 kilograms of warheads.

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