US: We do not encourage Ukraine to carry out attacks beyond its borders

White House Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre answered journalists’ questions at the daily press conference.

Expressing that they are aware of the news that Ukraine is attempting to attack Putin’s residence in the Kremlin with a drone, Jean-Pierre said that they could not confirm the truth of these news.

Jean-Pierre stated that he refrained from speculating in this context, and underlined that since the beginning of the war, the USA had never encouraged or allowed Ukraine to carry out an attack beyond its borders, and underlined that they were clear on this issue.

When asked about the possibility of Russia carrying out a false flag operation to blame the other side, Jean-Pierre said that it is early for such a question, but that Russia has done such things in the past and this is not uncommon.

Alleged meeting with the Syrian regime

Jean-Pierre was questioned about the Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) news that the US has started to talk directly with the Syrian regime to discuss the situation of American journalist Austin Tice, who has been held hostage in Syria since 2012.

Jean-Pierre stated that the negotiations carried out to ensure the release of the unjustly detained Americans were very sensitive and replied that they could not confirm any talks that could take place in the past or present on this issue.

Reminding that US President Joe Biden called on Syria to release Austin, Jean-Pierre said that these are sensitive issues and they want to be careful.

Jean-Pierre said there is no up-to-date information to share on Tice’s condition. “The President is determined to bring home our Americans who have been wrongfully detained and held hostage. Austin is one of those Americans who we are certainly doing everything we can to bring him home.” he said.

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