USA: We support the unity and stability of Yemen

Ambassador Fagin met with Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, according to the news of Yemen’s official agency SABA.

During the meeting, the latest developments in Yemen and efforts to establish peace were reviewed.

During the meeting, Ambassador Fagin reiterated his country’s stance supporting the efforts of the United Nations (UN) Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, to achieve peace in the country.

Fagin stressed that his country is resolute in its stance on supporting the Yemeni Presidential Council and Yemen’s security, unity and stability.

Support for peace efforts

Minister Bin Mubarak also touched upon the issue of supporting the Presidential Council and the Yemeni government’s peace efforts.

Praising Saudi Arabia’s efforts to restore peace in Yemen, Bin Mubarak noted that the government welcomes all initiatives aimed at ending the war waged by the Houthis.

At the Southern National Dialogue Conference, which was held with the aim of separating the south of the country from the north, on May 8, at the call of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)-backed Southern Transitional Council (GGK), a contract “opening the way for separation” was signed.

On 9 May, Deputy Chairman of the Houthis Negotiation Delegation Abdulmalik al-Acri, on his social media account, used the phrase “a complete blow to the existence of the Yemeni state” regarding the signing of the contract “opening the way for separation” at the conference organized by the GGK.

Claiming that successive governments in Yemen discriminated against the southern provinces politically and economically and demanding the separation of the south of the country from the north, the GGK controls most of the southern provinces of Aden, Shabwa, Socotra and Ebyan.

North and South united in 1990

Supported by the UAE, the SSC wants the country’s southern and northern regions, which were united in 1990, to be re-separated.

North and South Yemen were unified by rapidly integrating the political and economic institutions of the state on May 22, 1990, without the need for a transitional period.

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