Uzbek search and rescue team was welcomed with a ceremony in his country

A welcoming ceremony was held at the airport, where the plane carrying the 100-person search and rescue team of Uzbekistan landed.

His team was greeted with applause by Turkey’s Ambassador to Tashkent Olgan Bekar and Uzbekistan’s Minister of Emergency Situations Abdulla Koldashev, as well as their families, colleagues and members of the press. During the welcome, the flags of the two countries were unfurled, and flowers were given to the members of the Uzbek rescue team.

In his statement, Koldashev congratulated and thanked the Uzbek rescue team working in earthquake zones in brotherly country Turkey, upon the instruction of Uzbekistan President Shevket Mirziyoyev, for their successful work.

Reminding that the rescue team reached the region immediately after the earthquakes in Turkey and participated in search and rescue efforts for 19 days, Koldashev stated that they rescued 18 people from the rubble as part of these efforts.

Koldashev said, “The Turkish people are our brothers. We sincerely felt these earthquakes and pains. We have mobilized all our means to help the Turkish people in these difficult days. We stand by the Turkish people.”

“You were with us as brothers in the dark day”

Noting that the Uzbek rescue team successfully fulfilled its challenging task, Ambassador Bekar said, “You put your own lives in danger, but you saved lives and helped them. We would like to thank you on behalf of Turkey and the Turkish people. You were with us as brothers in the dark day. We will never forget this.” he said.

İsmail Şaripov, the commander of the Uzbek search and rescue team working in the earthquake area, stated that they carried out work in different settlements of Hatay for 19 days, and explained that they carried out search and rescue activities under very difficult conditions, since the infrastructure was destroyed in earthquakes.

Uzbek search and rescue team was welcomed with a ceremony in his country

Emphasizing that it is an experience for them as they take part in such a work for the first time, Sharipov said that they were very excited and proud to be greeted at the airport with applause while leaving Turkey.

The Uzbek team, working in different parts of Hatay, rescued 18 people from the wreckage and reached the lifeless bodies of 196 people.

Upon the instruction of President Mirziyoyev, a rescue team of 100 people on February 6 and Uzbek military medical personnel consisting of 71 people on February 8 departed to Turkey to help earthquake victims.

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