Voting for Türkiye in Europe ended at many points

The ballot boxes were closed in Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Italy, Malta, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary, with the end of the voting process for the President and Parliamentary Elections to be held on 14 May in Turkey.


Voting at the Turkish Embassy in Warsaw ended at 21.00 local time.

Cengiz Kamil Fırat, Turkey’s Ambassador to Warsaw, noted that citizens showed great interest in the voting process.

Fırat said, “We have set up additional voting booths in order to meet the high demand and shorten the waiting time of our citizens. I appreciate the interest shown by our voters, most of whom are young, and wish them good luck for our country and nation.” made its assessment.


The voting process, which started on April 29 at the ballot boxes set up in three different locations in Switzerland, the capital Bern, Geneva and Zurich, came to an end.

In this process, the voters were able to cast their votes in these three missions of Turkey between 09:00 and 21:00 local time.

According to the data of the Supreme Election Board (YSK), there are 105,820 registered voters in Switzerland.

Turkey’s Geneva Consul General İpek Zeytinoğlu Özkan told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the ballot boxes remained open between 09:00 and 21:00 for 9 days in Geneva.

Özkan said, “We saw that our citizens showed great interest in the election. This year, the voting process was carried out with more participation than in the 2018 elections. Everything worked very well. We had already taken the logistical and physical measures as the Consulate General. Our ballot box committees and observers were extremely supportive during the voting process. They worked in harmony. Good luck,” he said.


Voting started in Sweden on Monday, May 1, and ended at 21:00 local time.

The votes, which were used for 7 days at the Stockholm Fair in the capital city of Stockholm, were put in bags and sealed by polling officials.

According to unofficial figures, 13,669 people voted in Sweden, where 42,800 Turkish voters are registered.

In the Presidential and 27th Term Parliamentary Elections held on June 24, 2018, 10,700 people voted.

Çınar Ergin, Undersecretary of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm, said that voting took 7 days.

Ergin thanked the poll observers who took part in the election and said, “There were long queues in the first days during the election. Our citizens went to the polls with common sense and performed the voting process without any problems.”


Turkish citizens in Bulgaria went to the polls at the Turkish Embassy in Sofia as well as the Plovdiv and Burgas Consulates General.

In the country where there are 7,900 registered voters, 1148 voters cast their votes in the capital Sofia.

The voters, who showed great interest in the election, formed queues in front of Turkey’s diplomatic representations with the opening of the ballot boxes on May 4.

At the end of the voting process that lasted for 4 days, the staff of the Turkish Embassy in Sofia filled the envelopes containing the votes gathered in the presence of observers into sacks and sealed them.

Votes cast in Sofia and the country’s second largest city, Plovdiv, will be sent to Turkey on Monday, May 8, by Turkish Airlines (THY).

Votes cast at the Turkish Consulate General in Burgas, on the Black Sea coast, in eastern Bulgaria, will be transported to Turkey by land.

Officials of the Turkish Embassy in Sofia announced that the voting process went smoothly and that all the ballot papers given in Bulgaria would be delivered to Turkey in a reliable manner.

Italy and Malta

The voting process, which started on May 3 at the Turkish Embassy in Rome and the Consulate General in Milan, which are among the voting points in Italy, ended at 21.00 local time (22:00 CET).

While 5 ballot boxes were set up in 5 days at the Roman Embassy, ​​voting was carried out in two ballot boxes on 3-4-5 May and in four ballot boxes each on 6-7 May at the Milan Consulate General.

The voting process, which started on May 6 at the Valletta Embassy in Malta, ended at 21:00 local time today.

Voting in the embassy was held yesterday and today in two ballot boxes.

It is expected that the votes cast in 19 ballot boxes in Italy and the votes cast in a total of 4 ballot boxes in Malta will be delivered to Turkey via diplomatic couriers on Monday, May 8th.

Spain and Portugal

Voting was held at the Turkish Embassy in Madrid and Barcelona Consulate General in Spain between 5-7 May, and in Portugal on 6-7 May at the Turkish Embassy in Lisbon.

There are 5,838 registered voters in Spain and 1484 registered voters in Portugal, where voting is done abroad for the first time.

According to the information received from the embassy officials, it was reported that the voting process went smoothly and smoothly.

Selen Evcit, Consul General of Turkey in Barcelona, ​​said that the interest in the elections was intense, and Turkish citizens from both Barcelona and surrounding cities and France came to cast their votes.

Evcit said, “The interest of our citizens was great and they carried out the voting process without any problems. The turnout is around 72 percent. I wish it to be beneficial for our country and our nation.”

The voting envelopes, which are put in diplomatic bags and sealed, will be kept in embassies (at the consulate general in Barcelona) and sent to Turkey by THY plane tomorrow morning under the supervision of diplomatic couriers.


In Greece, the voting process, which started on April 29 at the Consulate General of Turkey in Athens-Pire and the Consulate General in Thessaloniki, Komotini and Rhodes, ended at 21.00.

Voters registered in Greece went to the consulate generals and brought their preferences to the ballot box for the President and 28th Term Parliamentary Elections to be held on 14 May.

With the completion of the voting process at the Consulate Generals at 21.00, the votes were sealed by putting them in sacks.

The sealed sacks were taken to a private room with three locks on the door for safekeeping.

One of the three keys required to open the door was delivered to the President of the Commission or an officer, and the other two keys were delivered to two different party representatives and secured.

Sealed vote sacks placed in the diplomatic bag will be on their way to be delivered to Turkey tomorrow.

Vote sacks at the Athens-Pire Consulate General and Thessaloniki Consulate General will be transported to Turkey by a plane belonging to THY, the votes cast in the Rhodes Consulate by sea, and the votes cast in the Consulate General in Komotini by land, accompanied by diplomatic courier and party representatives.

Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary

Voting procedures for the Presidential and 28th Term Parliamentary Elections in Turkey ended in Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary.

Turkey’s Ambassador to Prague, Egemen Bagis, said that there was a feverish election process in Prague, as in many other parts of Europe, and that the ballot boxes were closed as of tonight.

Reminding that the voting period and days in many countries are different in these elections compared to the last elections, Bagis said, “For example, in the Czech Republic, a ballot box was opened for only one day in the 2018 elections, but this year, in order to facilitate the lives of our citizens, they voted in Prague for 5 days on 3-7 May. “As the last two days were weekends, our citizens were able to vote in 2 separate ballot boxes at the same time. While a total of 728 people voted in 2018, 2 thousand 19 voters participated in these elections,” he said.

“The ballot papers sent by the Supreme Election Board (YSK) were cleared from customs under the supervision of the representatives of political parties, stored in locked rooms, the keys of which are also held by the representatives of political parties, and presented to the voters on election days.” Sharing his knowledge, Bagis said, “We are really in a very important process for our country and nation. Our citizens are making decisions that will determine the next 5 years. The word is now on the nation.”

Bagis shared the information that the ballots will be represented to the YSK in Istanbul in sealed sacks with embassy employees and representatives of political parties.

Turkey’s Ambassador to Bratislava Yunus Demirer also said that within the framework of the decision taken by the YSK, ballot boxes were set up in Bratislava for the first time in these elections. It was closed at 21:00 and the voting process was completed,” he said.

Demirer stated that the process will be completed once the ballot bags are safely and quickly delivered to Turkey within the framework of the procedures and rules determined by the YSK.

Noting that citizens voted in confidence and peace in the embassy building, Demirer said, “We are pleased that this process, in which we opened ballot boxes for the first time in Bratislava, was completed without any disruption and that our citizens showed great interest in the elections.”

The voting process at the Turkish Embassy in Budapest was completed without any problems. The bags containing the ballot papers will be delivered to the YSK in the presence of the authorities.

Voting process started on 3 May in Czechia, 5 May in Hungary and 6 May in Slovakia.

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