Voting in the UK has ended

Approximately 127 thousand voters registered in England cast their votes at the ballot boxes set up in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Leicester on 29 April-7 May.

Turkey’s Ambassador to London Osman Koray Ertaş stated that the ballot boxes were closed when the voting process ended at 21.00 local time.

Stating that the voting process in England passed peacefully, Ertaş said, “We had a busy day only on 1 May. There was also a crowd on the second day of the election. Other than that, our citizens were able to cast their votes in peace, without waiting too long.”

Ertaş thanked all political party representatives and public officials at the ballot boxes and said, “We estimate that more than 60 thousand votes were probably cast this year. Of course, the YSK will announce the final figures.”

Ambassador Ertaş stated that the votes will be sent to Turkey with a charter plane of Turkish Airlines (THY) on Wednesday, May 10, and said:

“Until that day, all the votes will be kept sealed in three locked rooms in our embassy. On Wednesday, again under the supervision of our political party representatives, the ballot bags will be delivered to the planes. There will be representatives from both the YSK, political parties and our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our duty is to deliver the bags. It will end the moment we do.”

A comfortable selection process in Manchester

Turkey’s Consul General in Manchester, Seyfi Onur Sayın, also made statements regarding the voting process that ended on May 1 in Manchester and Leicester.

Saying that citizens showed great interest in the 3-day voting process in Leicester, Mr. Sayın noted that due to the shorter voting period compared to other cities in the country, queues form from time to time.

Expressing that the citizens of Manchester cast their votes easily in the 3 ballot boxes established in Manchester, Mr. said, “No adverse events were encountered during the election process. There was no security problem. A comfortable election process was passed.”

Attendance increased in Edinburgh compared to 2018

The voting process, which lasted for 9 days at the Turkish Consulate General in Edinburgh, ended today.

Edinburgh Consul General Özgür Yavuzer stated that the citizens showed great interest in the elections and that they observed an increase in turnout compared to the 2018 elections.

Stating that the voting process took place in peace and quiet, Yavuzer added that the voters, taking into account the announcements, mostly preferred to vote on weekdays, and this prevented long queues in front of the ballot box.

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