Wagner’s founder threatened to withdraw his fighters from Bahmut

Yevgeniy Prigojin, the founder of Russian security company Wagner, published an interview with Russian journalist Semyon Pegov on his social media account.

Prigojin noted that as a result of clashes with Ukrainian soldiers in Bahmut, they took a large part of the city under control and drew attention to the lack of ammunition given to his fighters.

Emphasizing that the Russian army has enough ammunition in its arsenals, Prigojin said, “The current situation brings the end of Wagner. The Wagner company will soon cease to exist. We will be history.” said.

Prigojin stated that 80,000 rounds are required per day in conflicts, but they themselves want 4,000.

“We need ammunition”

Prigojin said that the Ukrainian army was constantly sending new soldiers to Bahmut, and claimed that they were no longer supplied with ammunition.

Underlining that a certain number of ammunition is needed to defeat the Ukrainian soldiers, Prigojin said that if the ammunition is insufficient, they will lose 5 times the amount of fighters they lost today.

Stating that it is not long before he can file an application against those who do not supply ammunition to the Prosecutor General of Russia and the Investigative Committee, Prigojin said that he wrote a letter to Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu regarding the ammunition issue.

Stating that Bahmut would have already been taken if they had been supported in the field of ammunition since the beginning of the year, Prigojin said, “April 28 was the day of decision for us. We will decide whether we will go to the conflict in Bahmut or not. Will we be here or not? We are patriots. As long as we have our last bullet, we will be in Bahmut. But this bullet is enough to last for days, not weeks. If the shortage of ammunition is not remedied, then we will either leave or stay to die in an organized manner, not afraid like mice. We will probably withdraw some of the troops. We have to stop deceiving the Russian people that everything is fine.” he said.

Prigojin also claimed that the Ukrainian army would launch a counterattack against Russian forces on May 15.

Since February, Prigojin, the founder of the Russian security company Wagner, has sought support from the Russian Ministry of Defense, claiming that “they are no longer supplied with ammunition”.

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