Warning symptoms seen the day before heart attack discovered

A new study conducted at the Smidt Heart Institute in Los Angeles, USA, revealed that a heart attack can signal the day before.

According to the findings published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Lancet Digital Health, women experience shortness of breath and men experience chest pain before a heart attack.

Warning signs seen in both sexes, but not as common as others, include seizure-like events and abnormal sweating.

Researchers think that understanding these signs can help doctors and patients prevent sudden heart attacks, which are 90 percent fatal.

“Taking advantage of warning symptoms for individuals in emergency calls can prevent early intervention and ending in death,” said Summet Chugh, who led the research team.

Chugh and team analyzed data from two separate studies involving patients aged between 18 and 85 years. The patients in these studies were people who had had sudden cardiac arrest. The symptoms of the patients before the crisis were examined.

To compare the two groups, the research team also looked at people who showed similar warning signs but did not have a heart attack.

As a result, warning signs that appear to be gender-based appeared the day before the attack in half of heart patients.

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