‘We are concerned about the possibility of the crisis getting out of control’ message from China to Ukraine

Emphasizing that China has taken an objective and fair stance in the Ukraine crisis, China Gang stated that it has encouraged peace talks from the very beginning and called on the international community to create favorable conditions for negotiations.

Expressing their concerns about the possibility of further escalation and the crisis getting out of control, the China Gang said, “We hope that all parties will act calmly, rationally and with restraint and resume peace talks as soon as possible for a political solution to the crisis.” said.

Underlining that Ukraine and Russia should maintain hope for dialogue and negotiations, and should not close the doors to a political solution no matter how difficult it may be, the China Gang stated that China will continue to play a constructive role in achieving a ceasefire, ending the war and ensuring peace.

China’s statement was quoted as saying that Kuleba said Beijing’s proposals for a political solution to the crisis “showed its sincerity in achieving a ceasefire and ending the war.”

In a post on his personal Twitter account, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister said, “In my meeting with the Chinese Foreign Minister, China Gang, we emphasized the importance of the principle of territorial integrity, and I emphasized the importance of Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s ‘Formula of Peace’ proposal for ending aggression and ensuring a just peace in Ukraine.” used the phrases.

China’s “document of attitude”

On February 24, the anniversary of the start of the war, China published a “position document” containing its proposals for a “political solution to the Ukraine crisis”. In the 12-item document, which included the general principles and principles that Beijing recommended to be followed for a solution, it was emphasized that the sovereignty of countries should be respected, legitimate security concerns should be taken into account, unilateral sanctions should be ended, and a ceasefire should be achieved by gradually reducing tensions.

The Ukrainian side, perceiving the ceasefire proposal of China as an indoctrination to accept the actual situation, expressed its dissatisfaction.

Mikhail Podolyak, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said in a statement, “Any peace plan that envisages a ceasefire and drawing a new border line will continue the occupation of Ukrainian territory and the Russian genocide. This is not peace, but a freezing of war.” had evaluated.

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