“We are confident that we will re-establish strong relations with Turkey”

Şükri spoke at the joint press conference held after the tete-a-tete and between delegations meetings with Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu at Tahrir Palace in Cairo.

Noting that they are trying to maintain communication with Turkey in every field, Şükri said, “We have solid ground and we are confident that we will re-establish relations with Turkey in a strong way. It is in the interest of both countries to develop relations between Turkey and Egypt.”

“We have a common vision on regional and international issues”

Emphasizing that they have a common vision with Turkey on many regional and international issues, Şükri stated that they discussed the strong resumption of relations with Turkey and the return of the ambassadors, and expressed that they wished that the communication channels between the two countries would be open and that coordination would continue.

Emphasizing that they will work to develop Turkish investments in Egypt and to overcome the obstacles in front of them, Şükri continued as follows:

“There were Turkish investments in various fields in Egypt. The trade volume between the two countries increased to 9 billion dollars in the past years. This is an important figure for the two countries. In fact, Turkey’s investments in Egypt reached 2.5 billion dollars.”

Stating that Turkish investors care about their investments, commercial and industrial activities in Egypt, Şükri said, “Egypt also has projects to attract investors to the country. This will attract Turkish business people in the future.”

Şükri noted that both sides presented their in-depth views on what needs to be done in order for the region to regain stability and regain its strength against challenges.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Shukri added that they also discussed the normalization between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the Palestinian issue, as well as the reflections of Syria, Libya and the Ukraine-Russia war from various aspects.

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