“We are not attacking Russian lands, we are liberating our legitimate lands”

After visiting Berlin, Zelenskiy met with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the Presidential Palace Schloss Bellevue, and was welcomed by Prime Minister Olaf Scholz with a military ceremony in front of the Chancellery.

After the head-to-head talks between the delegations, Scholz and Zelenskiy held a joint press conference.

When asked whether Ukraine would attack Russian territory, Zelenkiy said, “We are not attacking Russian territory. We are saving our legitimate lands. “We don’t have the time or the strength to do that,” he said.

President of Ukraine Zelensky said that his country is preparing a counter-attack to take back the occupied territories.

We are working to form a fighter jet coalition

Noting that the demand for fighter jets will be discussed in the second part of his meeting with Scholz, Zelenskiy said, “We are now working to create a coalition of fighter jets.”

Zelenskiy stated that this was discussed during his visits with the European countries he visited and that he would call on his German counterparts to support them in this regard.

Stating that it is important for Ukraine to coordinate this issue, Zelenskiy emphasized that Russia currently has an airspace superiority and they want to change this.

War must end with just peace

Zelenskiy said, “We all want this war to end as soon as possible, but it must end with a just peace” and that the basis of peace should be the peace formula of Ukraine, where the war took place.

Stating that he introduced the initiative regarding a peace plan as part of the G20 Summit in Indonesia, Zelenskiy noted that they are ready to listen to all proposals on this issue, but that this should be done on a platform presented by them.

Expressing that Ukraine’s territorial integrity and security is as important as the territorial integrity of other countries, Zelenskiy noted that they expect the war to end this year.

President of Ukraine Zelenskiy also thanked Germany for the support given to Ukraine.

“We will support you as long as necessary.”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also said he was pleased to meet Zelenkiy for the first time in Berlin.

Pointing out that the Ukrainian war has been going on for 444 days, Scholz stated that the Ukrainian people unyieldingly opposed the Russian attacks.

“This terrible war has important geopolitical consequences,” Scholz said, but explained that Ukrainians were first affected by this war and that over 1 million Ukrainian refugees are in Germany.

Chancellor Scholz stated that they support Ukraine not only humanitarianly, but also politically, financially and with weapons, and said, “We will support you as long as necessary.”

Stating that they support Ukraine with modern weapons for self-defense, Scholz reminded that they have committed to a 2.7 billion euro weapon package.

Those responsible for war must be held accountable

Stating that they read the terrible news about the war, Scholz said, “Those responsible for this terrible war of aggression must be held accountable. No state in the world can attack another country. “No one should kill, loot or kidnap children,” he said.

For this reason, Scholz noted that they are working with partners to ensure that Russia is held accountable for its crimes.

Stating that a country cannot attack another country’s territory and that an attack on Ukraine is “part of the imperialist concept”, Scholz said that borders cannot be changed by using violence.

Scholz stated that the conflict will not end without Russia withdrawing its troops from Ukraine.

Noting that Zelenskiy and the Ukrainian people will be awarded the International Charlemagne Award in the city of Aachen today, Scholz shared the information that they will fly to Aachen with Zelenskiy.

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