“We will give the necessary response if ammunition with weakened uranium is sent to Ukraine”

Meetings were held between Russian and Chinese delegations with the participation of Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, who came together at the Kremlin Palace.

The leaders of the two countries held a press conference after signing some statements after the talks.

Stating that the talks were held in a “successful”, “constructive” and “sincere” manner, Putin pointed out that they signed two joint statements with Xi and said, “These statements fully reflect the special nature of Russia-China relations, which are an example of real comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction at the highest level of development in history. reflects.” made its assessment.

Putin shared the hope that the aforementioned declarations will further strengthen the friendship between Russia and China and ensure the stability of the two states and the people.

“China is Russia’s leading foreign trade partner”

Stating that they interact with China at all levels, Putin said, “This allows us to find solutions to all problems even in the most difficult situations, and to keep all current issues on the bilateral and international agendas under personal control.”

Emphasizing that China is Russia’s leading foreign trade partner, Putin said, “Our states maintain the high dynamics of the development of bilateral trade with concerted initiatives. Bilateral trade increased by 30 percent last year, reaching a record profit of over $185 billion. This year it has reached $200 billion. We have the power to overcome it,” he said.

Pointing out the importance of expanding the use of national currencies in payments in the field of trade, Putin said, “The share of rubles and yuan in bilateral trade transactions reached 65 percent in the first three months of last year and continues to grow. This allows us to protect our trade from the influence of other countries and the negative situation in the foreign exchange markets.” used the phrase.

“China has become the leader in the import of Russian oil”

Stating that they also discussed cooperation in the field of energy during the meeting with Xi, Putin said that China has become the leader in the import of Russian oil.

Vladimir Putin stated that the “Power of Siberia 2” gas pipeline planned to be built through Mongolia for natural gas shipments will further increase the volume of natural gas exports to China.

Stating that they helped China in the construction of nuclear power plants, Putin stated that they have implemented various joint projects in areas such as civil aircraft and helicopter production, metallurgy, space and medicine.

Sharing the information that the bilateral trade volume in agriculture increased by 41 percent last year, Putin noted that the two countries will develop their international transportation corridors.

“Russia and China have the same position on international and regional issues”

Emphasizing that the two countries have the same or close positions on international and regional issues, Putin pointed out that tensions have increased in many parts of the world, global political and economic crises have been experienced, and the implementation of illegitimate sanctions for political purposes in the economic field has become widespread.

Stating that the basic principles such as non-intervention in the internal affairs of other countries, sovereign development, access to modern technologies and education, and free trade, have been violated recently, Putin said, “In this context, Russia and China have not taken any action to gain military, political and economic interests. It steadfastly opposes any state or alliance harming the legitimate interests of other countries,” he said.

“China’s Ukraine plan is in line with our approaches”

Noting that they also discussed the situation in Ukraine during their meeting with Xi, Russian President Putin said, “We think that many of the provisions of the peace plan put forward by China are compatible with Russia’s approaches and can be taken as a basis for a peaceful solution when the West and Kiev are ready. “So far, we don’t see that they are ready for it,” he said.

Evaluating the UK’s statement that it will send depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine, Putin said, “If this happens, Russia will have to respond appropriately.”

Stressing that Russia and China follow independent foreign policy, Putin said, “The central role of the United Nations (UN) and the UN Security Council (UNSC), international law and a just and democratic multipolar world order, which should be based on the UN’s charter, can be achieved. We are working in solidarity to create it,” he said.

“We are in favor of reconciliation and negotiations on Ukraine”

Chinese President Xi also stated that the talks with Putin were “candid”, “friendly” and “productive” and said, “China-Russia ties go far beyond bilateral relations and are of vital importance for the modern world order and the destiny of humanity. We agree with Putin on this matter.” .

Stating that relations have developed in all areas, Xi noted that the trade volume between the two countries has increased by 116 percent in the last 10 years.

Pointing out that China and Russia are permanent members of the UNSC, Xi said, “We will continue to resolutely support our countries and the basic norms of international relations based on the purposes and principles of the UN’s charter, together with the international community in the future.”

Xi stated that they will strengthen cooperation with Russia in international platforms such as Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), BRICS and G20.

Reminding that they published a plan for the resolution of the Ukraine crisis last month, Xi said, “In the resolution of this crisis, we base the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, we display an objective and impartial position, support reconciliation and the resumption of negotiations. Our position is based on the essence of the matter and the truth. Always We are in favor of peace and dialogue, we are on the right side of history,” he said.

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