“We will stop giving money to countries that hate the US”

Announcing her candidacy from the Republican Party in the 2024 presidential elections in the USA, Haley spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference 2023 (CPAC 2023).

Haley said that when she was the US Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), she said that she would watch the backs of her allies, but that she would note down the names of countries that did not stand behind the US.

In this context, Haley reminded what happened after the decision of the USA to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and said:

“128 countries denounced us. I got their names. I went to my office and had my staff make a list. They listed 193 countries. I asked them to write down their votes for and against the United States in the second column. And in the last column, I asked them to put how much foreign aid we gave them.”

“They’re stabbing us in the back”

Haley, claiming that the US has given billions of dollars to countries that “dig the well”, “They stab us in the back and then they turn around and reach out to ask for money.” she used the phrase.

Stating that some of these countries “support terrorists trying to kill American soldiers,” Haley said, “We are giving foreign aid to Pakistan, Iraq, the Palestinians, and even communist Cuba and China. We must stop trying to buy friends.” said.

“Once I’m president, we’ll stop giving money to countries that hate the United States,” Haley said. he said.

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