When the police went to the cry for help, they encountered a “very sad” goat.

Enid Police Department received a tip that they heard someone cry for help.

Police officers David Sneed and Neal Storey, who arrived at the scene, started to speed up when they heard the screams of someone shouting in the distance. Meanwhile, Sneed said, “I think it’s a human. It’s a human.”

After the couple ran to the farm, he saw that it was a goat shouting. Storey told the unnamed farmer:

“I couldn’t tell if it was an animal or a human. But we were walking towards here and I said, ‘This is a human.’ It sounded like ‘help’ from afar.”

The police officers couldn’t help laughing when they saw that it was a goat shouting.

The following statements were used in the Enid police statement on Facebook:

“Thanks guys. We all appreciate your quick (even if not ultimately necessary) action.”

Citing the farmer’s statements, the authorities reported that the goat was “very sorry” for leaving his friend.

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