While cleaning the house, they found 1 million coins

The Reyes couple stumbled upon coins in the basement while cleaning Elizabeth Reyes’ father’s home last year. The duo said Fritz Reyes and his brother stayed in the house for decades. When Fritz died, his brother also left the house.

The Reyes’s also announced that they wanted to clean and restore the house and leave it to their children.

According to John Reyes, Fritz hid the 1-cent coins because of the value of copper.

In the USA, coins were formerly made of pure copper. II. Because copper was needed in World War II, the U.S. Mint switched to zinc-plated steel in 1943.

John Reyes said:

“My father-in-law never said the money was in the house. But he always said that when he died, we had to call home. So at least he hinted at some things.”

The man stated that he left it for last because the people who cleaned the house were afraid to go to the cobweb-filled basement.

John Reyes emphasized that some of the coins stuffed in boxes and bags were sealed by banks that no longer exist.

Although the family initially thought they would get away with selling the coins to a bank, they could not find what they had hoped for. Because no bank has bought such a large number of coins.

The family, who wanted to sell all of the coins, put them up for sale on a website for $25,000. However, until now, only a part of the money has been offered and the sale has not taken place.

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