White House: Meeting between Xi and Putin does not give hope that the war will end soon

Kirby answered questions from journalists at his daily press conference.

Speaking about the joint statement released by the Presidents of Russia and China after their meeting in Moscow, Kirby said, “The two sides said that the purposes and principles of the UN Charter should be followed and international law should be respected. So we agree with that.”

Kirby noted that the relevant articles of the UN would mean that Russia should withdraw from the territory of Ukraine, another UN member. Defending the view that China should pressure Russia to withdraw from Ukraine if it wants to play a constructive role, Kirby said Beijing was “imitating Russian propaganda” about the war.

Noting that the talks between Xi and Putin did not result in anything that would change the course of the war, Kirby said, “I don’t think today’s meeting gives us great hopes that the war will end soon.” Kirby said the Russian side’s claims that “it is Ukraine and the West that are willing to negotiate but reject it” are absolutely false.

Kirby, when asked about the possibility of Ukraine approaching the negotiations under the mediation of China, replied that the US would support such a situation if Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy believed that “just peace” could be achieved. Kirby underlined that they will not support a ceasefire if it is already at the expense of Ukraine.

Expressing that the US has serious concerns about China’s stance on a number of issues such as its claims in the South China Sea, theft of intellectual property and its support for Russia, Kirby emphasized that they attach importance to keeping communication channels open with China.

“If I were any leader in Africa, I would be very suspicious of anything President Putin said about financial, economic or energy aid guarantees,” Kirby said. I would welcome it,” he said.

Saying that Iran provides a large number of unmanned aerial vehicles to Russia, Kirby pointed out that the defense relations between the two countries are gradually increasing. Kirby assessed that this is dangerous not only for Ukraine, but also for the peoples of the Middle East.

Kirby, on the question of Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing-wen’s possible visit to the United States, stated that these visits between the parties “are not unusual”. Kirby said these were not official visits.

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