Yevgeniya Gutsul won the presidential election in Gagauz Autonomous Region

In the first round of the presidential election held in Gagauz Autonomous Region on April 30, the second round was held yesterday as none of the candidates received more than 50 percent of the votes.

Yevgeniya Gutsul, nominated by the Shor Party, which received the most votes in the first round (26.47%), and Grigoriy Uzun, the independent candidate supported by the Socialist Party led by former President Igor Dodon, who came second with 26.40 percent of the votes, competed.

According to the uncertain results announced by the Regional Central Election Commission, in the region with more than 92 thousand voters, the turnout was 54.56 percent and the elections were considered valid.

In the election, in which Gutsul won with 52.36 percent of the vote, Uzun was left with 47.64 percent.

“This is the victory of the entire Gagauz Autonomous Region”

In his statement, Gutsul stated that he is grateful to his voters and said, “This is the victory of the entire Gagauz Autonomous Region and the beginning of the region’s transformation into a land of dreams.” used the phrase.

Noting that the Shor Party, which nominated him, is pro-Russian, Gutsul said that he intends to maintain friendly relations with Russia and other countries.

Uzun, who lost the election race, emphasized that he respected the choice of the Gagauz voters and said, “I would like to thank the residents of the Gagauz Autonomous Region for believing in me and my team. I will refrain from commenting at this stage.” said.

Congratulatory message from Vlah to Gutsul

The current President of the Gagauz Autonomous Region, Irina Vlah, congratulated Gutsul, who won the election, saying, “The people of Gagauz have trusted you and expect you to take steps towards maintaining peace and stability, ensuring the unity of the Gagauz society, the development of the region, and establishing constructive relations with the central authorities.” used the phrase.

Presidential election

In Gagauz Autonomous Region of Moldova, elections were held on April 30, due to the expiration of the current President Irina Vlah’s 4-year term. In the election, 8 candidates, 7 of which are independent and 1 from a party, competed for the presidency.

Irina Vlah, who was elected president twice in a row in the presidential election held every 4 years, could not participate in the presidential race this time due to the election law.

The ruling Action and Solidarity Party (PAS), founded by Moldovan President Maya Sandu, did not nominate a candidate in the presidential election.

The Central Election Commission of Gagauz Autonomous Region announced that it would go to the second round because none of the candidates received more than 50 percent of the votes.

This quality of Gagauzia was officially recognized by the Moldovan government, after the Moldovan parliament adopted a new constitution in 1994 that gave autonomy to the Gagauz people.

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