Zelenskiy said that they have signaled at the level of diplomats to meet with China

Zelenskiy held a joint press conference with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who came to the capital Kiev to hold talks.

Regarding China’s peace plan on the Russia-Ukraine war, “I know general things. I have not seen the document. It is premature to comment on this document.” Zelenskiy said it was “good” that China made such an attempt.

Asked if he wanted to meet with President Xi Jinping, Zelenskiy said, “We would like to meet with China. This will be in the interest of Ukraine. The more countries support the ‘peace formula’, the faster it will be implemented.” said.

Underlining that Ukraine should meet with China, Zelenskiy said, “We gave this signal at the level of diplomats.” he said.

Asked whether the countries are putting pressure on Ukraine to negotiate with Russia, Zelensky replied:

“The pressure was mostly pre-war. After the start of the extensive attacks, everyone understood what kind of Russia, not a state, but a terrorist organization that came to kill and invade the lands. Over time, everyone saw the result of the occupation, it was probably the most brutal in the last 80 years. That’s why everyone He understood that it was a question of destroying Ukraine.”

Sanchez also noted that Spain’s military material support to Ukraine will continue, and that they will increase the number of Leopard 2A4 type tanks they plan to send to this country at the end of March or early April to 10 in the following weeks or months.

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